The Baby Boomers' Menopause Handbook

Making Your Own Choices through the Other End of Puberty

By Carolyn Agosta
Published by CA Publishing, Ink,

Balancing Act

Menopause is a time of shifting and diminishing hormones. Because of the food you eat, the environment in which you live, the amount of stress in your life, heredity, your hormones may be out of balance. Simply picking up a prescription from your doctor does not resolve anything…in fact this can complicate your life.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are dried up or useless or finished. This is as far from the truth (and reality) as it can be. Menopause is not a disease! It is a phase in a woman’s life marking the cessation of periods and the beginning of a wonderful new life. Simply replacing estrogen (and adding progesterone because the FDA and AMA say you need to do so) is not the answer. Menopause is a time of learning for women: learning about your body, what your body needs, and understanding the messages it gives you. It can be a tremendous time of healing.

While my book provides much more detail, here are supplements that can help your body gently make the hormones it needs.