Deborah L. Flick, Ph.D.

Founder and Former Executive Director of Denver SafeHouse for Battered Women
Former Faculty, University of Colorado, Boulder, Women Studies
President, Collaborative Solutions Group, Boulder, Colorado

"Since reading Carolyn's book I sense her presence each step I take in my own menopause journey. Her personal style, honesty, and caring for women touched me deeply. I feel her sitting gently on my shoulder reminding me to ask questions, do my own research, and not be intimidated by authority. In particular, I was gratified and comforted by Carolyn's exploration of the lesser known and talked about symptoms of menopause, for example, migraine headaches from which I suffer. I also greatly appreciated the list of alternative products and where to purchase them. In fact, the first thing I did after reading the book was to place an order! This book reads like an intelligent, caring conversation among women; it's just what I needed."

Gary Klepper

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Homeopathic Doctor
Ninth Wave, Boulder, CO

"This book is different!

"I have done a fair amount of reading about hormone replacement therapy both natural and typical, and have interacted with many patients on these issues for years. Most of the literature deals with biochemistry, clinical studies, benefits, risks, dosages, treatment protocols, etc.

"The Baby Boomers' Menopause Handbook is completely different than anything else I have read. It is oriented towards helping the menopausal and perimenopause woman to be pro-active in her health care. It is loaded with common sense observations and advice.

"Medicine is headed towards an increasing partnership between physician and patient where a patient has clear objectives for their healthcare and is asking for expert help to provide treatment, information, and education. A patient should know why they are taking a certain medication or receiving a certain treatment regimen. One of the messages of this book is, 'If it doesn't make sense to me, it may not be right for me!'

'I applaud this book as a big step in the direction of empowering women to make rational decisions about their own healthcare based not only on getting solid sensible information, but also cultivating the use of their own intuition, body wisdom, and sense of what feels right."

Sumedha Khanna, MD, FRCOG, MPH

Executive Director, Healing Well Associates (A center dedicated to healing and wholeness for women), Gualala, CA

"Study of menopause has been the fastest evolving area of women's health in the last decade. More books on this subject have appeared in the market than any other subject on women's health. Yet no one has the last word on the subject. There is need for more objective research and even more importantly, information from women's personal experiences of their journey through this important passage of life. This is precisely what Carolyn has been able to capture in her book, The Baby Boomers' Menopause Handbook. She has integrated her personal experience as well as the experiences of many women with the technical knowledge on this topic in a very readable form.

"Carolyn suggests that the road to menopause may be uncharted but it doesn't have to be rocky. The book invites women to be more intuitive about their body and have trust in their own feelings and opinions about their health needs. It offers information about practical options women can choose to make their passage through this phase of their life more comfortable. Armed with this information, women can have more intelligent discussions with their health care provider for making rational decisions about managing menopause. The book is short and concise and offers specific information about resources that women can access to further enhance their knowledge about the subject.

"I trust this book will encourage women to share their unique knowledge about their personal journeys and become a source of guidance to each other."